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Blue Prints

Bold prints are fun to wear, but let’s face it, it does take time to get used to. My advice to you is, BE BOLD! You can find the prettiest prints on anything. It can be a scarf, a shirt, a pair of pants, or even a dress. They can be scary to approach, but I promise you when you put them on and wear them out in public, you’re going to get compliments. However, it is all about finding the pattern that works best for you.

This specific print gives more of a boho chic vibe. I find these kinds of dresses in boutiques, that are reasonably priced, and not your typical name brand store. My wardrobe is a mix between your name brand stores, which will be featured along the way of my page, and the other half of my wardrobe is from cute boutiques. Altar’d State is a darling little store that sells many different clothes from many different companies, which is where this dress and lace slip came from.

Notice how I slipped that in there, no pun intended, but this dress could have been worn by itself, however, the lace detail adds a little extra to the dress. You may be thinking, lace and bold prints OMG this is too much! For some it may, but jump out of your comfort zone and be BOLD!

All of the pieces that you will find on my page are all affordable. Something I love to tell people, “you can have champagne taste, but you can find that outfit and recreate it on a beer budget.”




Photos taken by: Julie Zeger

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