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Faux Fur is Purrr-fect

Style varies with everyone. It is a way to express yourself the way you see fit. For me when the weather gets cold, I love to layer. Nine times out of ten I am dressed in layers with an oversized sweater, vest, boots, hat, and I will even wear my signature long pea coat. The winter months are my favorite because it’s my excuse to wear boots and sweaters everyday. Plus the right set of boots can turn any average girl into her super model alter ego.

Olive greens are a nice winter season color that should be in everyone’s closet. It has the power to give everyone a certain glow and I can guarantee you will get compliments wearing it. This specific sweater has slits up the side, allowing the back of the sweater to be longer than the front. This feature makes the sweater look less bulky, plus gives anyone wearing it a waistline. Now you can wear it by itself, but I like to pair it with a vest.  The specific sweater I am wearing is from Express, however I tagged one very similar to it that will work just as great.

I strongly believe that every girl should have a nice faux fur vest in her closet. It can change the entire dynamic of any girls outfit. You can wear them with dresses, sweaters, or casual shirts. If I wear my vest with a casual top, I will often times pair it with a statement necklace, but since I am wearing a hat with this look, that is my statement piece.

Hats are my all time favorite fashion piece and I am not talking about ball caps. Hats are just as important as any other piece of your outfit if you wear them. Here I have a soft grey, round top, floppy hat with a laced leather band around it. The hat helps tie together my sweater and vest. It is just a nice touch to have, especially when you pair two dark clothing pieces together, a lighter piece of apparel can help soften the look.

Footwear is important as well. I love pairing looks with tall boots, such as the ones in this piece. I do not wear a lot of silver jewelry, gold is my go-to and when I saw these boots, I knew I had to have them. The gold touch to the boots can help make-up for the fact I did not wear any jewelry with this look. There is something about an understated look that just makes my heart skip a beat. You never want to be to flashy, but little accents are a must, much like these boots.




Photos taken by: Free Floating Media 

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