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Macaroons and Maroon

I do not know about you, but I love maroon.  It is one of those universal colors that everyone can pull off, yes even red heads.  It is a color that will truly never go out of style.  It can be worn as a shirt or sweater color, in a dress, or even pants.

For this piece, it is featured in a dress.  It is a cute baby doll dress paired with navy blue flats and a statement piece necklace.  Believe it or not, the necklace is from a boutique that many girls are familiar with, Francesca’s and the flats are featured from Gap.  The dress is from a boutique known as, “Shop Maude“.  I stumbled upon them via instagram and have been hooked ever sense.  They have an array of different clothing pieces that will please different fashion sense.  They are really good with staying on trend through the year as well.  That is actually where I find a lot of my pieces, following different and unique clothing boutiques.  They sometimes hold the most unique pieces and when I can’t find something I am looking for at Forever 21 or H&M, I simply just type in one of the boutiques and will find it there.  I love having those kinds of different places under my belt because you know you are getting something unique and something that many people won’t have in their own closets.





Photos taken by: Julie Zeger



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