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Aww Chucks

Summer time is perfect for dresses.  I love dresses, especially this one.  I, for some reason, do not like dresses that are tight on my body.  This style is perfect for girls, like myself, that do not want that hip hugging dress.  You can wear this dress by itself, throw on a denim jacket and converses, or you can dress it up with a cute suede biker jacket and brown booties.  Every girl needs a dress like

this in her closet. The possibilities are endless.

I love a dress that can be worn multiple ways, especially if you are busy like myself with either work or school.  Wear it with converses during the day and change into your booties at night with it if you are a girl on the go.  Altar’d State has hundreds of these style dresses.  I am rather tall for a girl, but I love showing off my legs and this dress does that for me.  I really emphasis on the importance of feeling good about yourself and finding that one thing you love about yourself, whether it be your arms, legs, neck, check bones even, and just showing it off.  It took me a long time to realize  we all deserve self love and it is important mentally and physically to feel good about yourself, so if it’s a dress or a pair of shoes or even earrings that make you feel like Beyonce walking down the street, then girl say no more just flaunt your stuff!




Photos by: Foxtog (www.foxtog.com)

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