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Dainty in Lace

Summer nights call for rompers.  I love that cute shorts onesie more than anything because not only are they cute, but they are comfortable.  They also save time from having to decide what top you are going to wear with shorts or jeans.

I am really feeling the boho vibes this summer and this romper screams boho to me with the lace detail and bell sleeves.  I constantly get asked, “where do you get your cute outfits, and where did that romper come from?”  Well the answer is either Forever 21, Nordstrom, H&M, or even those special boutiques that you can stumble across on instagram.  I know, shocker, I actually save time from my busy schedule and just online shop cute boutiques like Vici, Breezy Hill Lane, Shop Hello Honey, or even Shop Maude.  To find those cute unique finds that you cannot find anywhere else in your hometown, it requires you to branch out and search the web a little.  Welcome to the 21st century my little fashionistas!

A huge trend that is going on right now, too, is booties with not just dresses, but rompers, jumpers, and even high waisted shorts. I am personally obsessed with this trend.  I have never been a sandals fan, I wear them but they are not my first choice, so I am loving this trend right now.  I found these at Forever 21, but you can find them literally anywhere.  Either wear them with a flat heel, 3 inch heel, or be bold and get that 5 inch heel girl!  The sky is the limit with this one, so enjoy!



Photos By: Foxtog (Foxtog.com)

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