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Budget Friendly Southwest Chili

I don’t know about you, but on chilly weather days, I love to have a big ole bowl of homemade chili…no pun intended. Sometimes chili can be an intimidating dish to make, between tomato paste, can of tomatoes, beans, ground meat (or veggies), seasonings, water, etc. it can be a lot. So what if I told you that you can make the best southwest chili with only four ingredients, give or take the extra kick you decide to give your chili. Yes! That’s right, that simple.

I personally do not eat red meats, so ground turkey, ground chicken, or even Beyond Meat is a great protein source to use for your chili. You can find these protein sources at any one of your local grocery stores (I’m biased to using Butter Ball Turkey). Once you have your choice of protein, brown it in a medium sized pot.

Now instead of getting all of the different cans of tomatoes, here’s a great time saver for you, pick out a mild to medium spice pico de gallo. You’re not only getting the tomatoes, but the garlic and onion. It’s much cheaper than buying the various cans and it’s also fresh. So once your protein is brown, add in the pico de gallo and stir in the pot until the onions turn soft. Once that occurs, you’ll add in your tomato paste. Trader Joe’s has a great Italian tomato paste in a tub that not only adds flavor, but that red color.

You’re then going to add in the Southwest Chili beans. I drain the can, but if you don’t want to, you don’t have to, as you won’t have to add too much water in afterwards. I personally drain them. Once you add the beans, I fill the can the beans came in with water to then add to the chili. Another short cut to get the chili seasonings is to buy a pack of chili mix found in your local grocery stores seasoning aisle. You pour that into the mix and boom! You’re done! However, if you want extra heat, I add in diced jalapeños and sriracha sauce.

So if you love chili and spice, this is just right for you! Enjoy everyone!

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