Fashion is a universal language that people understand.  We compliment one another on our latest fashion choice, we may even take other peoples looks and make them our own.  As a young adult, let’s face it, like most adults we may have champagne taste on a beer budget.  The same applies to fashion.  However, look no further because I am here to tell you that you can recreate those top dollar designer looks at a reasonable price.

Its flattering to be complimented on outfits that quite frankly, are so simple and if they only knew where I got the pieces from.  Boutiques are my favorite because you can never leave empty handed, in fact those are the places I find staple pieces for my outfits.  It is fun and also funny because many times people believe I have spent over $400 on one outfit when in reality the total outfit is no more than $125 if that.

With that being said, explore through the many patterns, bold statement jewelry, staple shoes, and so much more that will leave you wanting to recreate these outfits yourself on a budget.